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Heat Treatment in Moorebank

Over the many years we have been operating in Moorebank, we have developed an excellent understanding of the services our clients require and we have expert staff to carry them out. We can heat and cool metal to produce changes to its structure to ensure optimal performance.

A particular area in which we specialise is gas nitriding, using gas in the heating and cooling process. By treating metal in this way, we can help you get the most out of the material you use in your production and industrial operations.

We Offer the Following Processes:

Annealing Where a metal is heated and then cooled at a rate to effect a refined micro structure

Case Hardening
To improve the wear resistance of monolithic metals

To ensure the uniformity of composition throughout an alloy

To improve the toughness of untempered steel by heating to a high temperature so that it can be used in operations for which it would otherwise be too brittle.

We Also Can Provide:

Black Oxidising

Fluid bed hardening



Cryogenic treatment

Hardness testing

All ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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